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Becoming a surrogate in California can be a difficult process without the right agency. California is known as one of the greatest places to complete your IVF journey. The best thing about California is that there are no restrictions when it comes to the marital status or sexuality of couples who want to have a child.

California respects surrogates by offering them compensation as long as there is an agreement. There are four reasons why California is the best place for surrogacy:

becoming a surrogate California

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Legal Process

When you want to become surrogate mother in California, you have to go through a legal process. One of the best things about becoming a surrogate mother in California is that the legal process is clear for both intended parents and surrogates.

Both intended parents and the surrogate will need legal representation to create the surrogacy contract.

Pre-Birth Order

Another great benefit of becoming a surrogate in California is that you can get a pre-birth order by the court. The pre-birth order will show only the intended parents’ or intended parent’s name(s). When you are several months into your surrogacy process in California, you will begin to put together all of the legal documents for the unborn child.

California Screening and Dreaming

Traditional surrogates are not allowed in California. California permits gestational surrogates as long as they are psychologically sound and screened properly.

Global Surrogacy, Inc., screens their surrogates to make sure that they meet the requirements and are a good fit for their surrogacy journey in California. Screening is the most important part of the surrogate application.

Post-Birth Perks

After your baby is born, the intended parent(s) will receive a birth certificate and an application for DNA testing. Once the intended parents put together the necessary documents, they can take their baby home.

It’s important to speak to a professional surrogacy agency if you’re considering being a surrogate mother or finding a surrogate in California. Global Surrogacy has matched many intended parents and surrogates.

Our company can help you figure out if being a surrogate mother or finding a surrogate is right for you. Through our screening process and compassion for our clients, we will help you get started on your journey. Contact us for more information.